Text & Binary Modes

Originally, majority of files are in a binary mode, so in order to edit it, you have to convert it to a text mode or download preconverted reference files.

Game can understand both modes.

General Mod Structure

Here is the general structure of any mod, which mirrors the game structure:

Game reads *.manifest files and loads listed files. If it can't find a file in the mod, it loads vanilla or crashes with an error.

Here is the Sins Definition Viewer app, which lists all parameters & values for every notable game item.


Galaxy Forge is used to create maps. It is located in the game root folder.

Here is the auxiliary article.


Every *.entity is a text file. Every file is a single game entity. Every entity has a type, which is mentioned at the beginning of a file.

Every entity type has its own structure, for example:

Ability & Buff types are usually used together for creating dynamic abilities for vehicles, which often use *.particle files for visualization.


Every *.mesh is a text file which represents a 3d object.

For some simple operations you can work with it as it is:

But for something more, you have to convert it to another format in order to use it in a 3d Editor.

There is a common practice to use Softimage Mod Tool for modelling. Then you need to convert models to meshes using Convert XSI official utility.


Particle Forge is used to create ingame visuals. It is located in the game root folder. Here is the auxiliary article.


Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion Dev.exe - runs the game in a special mode, which allows dynamic content update & shows errors. It is located in the game's root folder.

Developer Errors - forum thread dedicated to errors.


An Idiot's Guide To Preparing For Sins Modding

How To Add A New Race

Free To Use Assets

Free Bitmaps - planet textures

Celestia Motherlode - models, textures & tools

Sol Command - models

SoaSE Models - SoaSE models converted into more common format