Realistic Maps

The sense of realistic space is the main mission of the mod, and well designed maps are important for immersive gameplay.

Planetary system generation has become more realistic, so planets with cold climate will never appear close to a star and vice versa. Three climate zones are supported (hot, temperate, cold).

Maps usually have literal indexes in brackets that highlight special features explained below.

[C] Connected Systems

Planets of common stellar gravity well in such type of handmade maps are connected with each other. Some of systems gathered in huge accumulations, as if it is one multistar system.

Resourses are expensive, so economy prosper will be difficult without controling some of asteroid belts with extremely effective resourse extractors, though they are concentrated in distant star systems.

[W] Worm Gates

Ages wraped in mystery traces of ancient cultures, that were flourishing in space. Great and small civilizations left in past the way to present, and silent artifacts are the last envoys to current space rangers.

The first explored unit was orbiting a planet of Barnard's Star. The "Worm Gates" title was given to this device by the first human researchers, who had activated them and revived the whole network, that pulled together distant and scattered worlds, revolutionary changing their political, economical, transportational models.

As it was discovered, these gates could instantly transfer huge entities over thousants light-years from one to another, maintaining global rapid transportational network.

They are made from specific photoactive crystals, that use photon energy for transfering and also controlled by photon signals. Unfortunataly it is impossible nowadays to reproduce such devices, but the researches are in progress.

[P] Probable

Some stellar systems appear with some probability, making maps more random.