Every colonizable space body has 4 digit index close to its type title, representing [population civil tactical health] max upgrades allowed.

The same upgrade level provides the same effect for every planet.

All Stellar & Planetary bodies are physically enlarged.

Planetary bodies are divided into few major classes by size: Gas Giants (uncolonizable), Planets, Planetoids, Dwarfs, Asteroids (uncolonizable).

Introduced planet types are based on scientific background.

Planets are more valuable, have good stats and easier to protect but require abundant investments. Planetoids have quite poor stats.

Social, Industry & Smuggling specializations have one stage only with major impact, depending on a planet type.

Interstellar hyperspace speed has been reduced, so stellar distance is important to consider.

First Mins Routine No More

Every civ starts on an Urban Planet, designed to fully substitute a bunch of planets, that should be captured at the beginning of vanilla game to create economy base for further ascent.

And in a multi-star oriented project it is important to save place for distant stellar systems as well.

Solar Accumulation

Realistic map of Solar System & nearest space with unbalanced start locations.

Closest stars as Sirius, Proxima & Alpha Centauri, Barnard's Star are mapped.


Leaders - are special summoned capitalships, which are weak in combal but perfect in support.

They can be obtained after certain research is done.


Subfactions are selected during the game.

Swarm Faction

According to Vasari records, that were presented to public, the story of the faction begins from an advanced Milirary Artificial Intelligence which was being developed on one of vasari remote colonies (UX560 planetary index).

Unexpectedly, contact with the colony was interrupted, and rescue missions did not return. So there was no news from that sector for a long time.

The Prime Sector Overseers decided that it was a pirate attack. And as there was no much progress on that project and colony was not strategicaly important, the loss was determined as negliable.

There was no reason for worry until recent scout reports, that informed about groups of unidentifiable alien vessels that were detected not far from the UX560 location.

For now, the information is limited but still quite thrilling. According to last investigations the faction has limited number of vessel prototypes but they seems to be quite multipurpose. They all look like spheres.

The rate of asteroid capture is impressive and seems they are not much interested in planets. Mass Media or trade infrastucture was not detected, so looks like their diplomatic and communicative capabilities ara unpretentious.

Their military power is to be evaluated as soon as possible...

Beacons Of The Ancients

These ancient structures are able to summon alien vessels after certain research is done. They are captured automatically or via colony ship.

Civilian Capturable Items

These are some civilian structures that can be found orbiting planets, which affect nearby planets stats. They are captured automatically or via colony ship.


Anomalies are randomly appear near planets and are mounted on Capitalships or Titans, providing bonuses.

Science & Doctrines

Doctrines are powerful techs, which also increase further techs cost. There are many doctrines available, which enhance different spheres of empire capabilities - economy, offence, espionage, science rate and etc.

Weapons, Antimatter, Shields, Armor, Culture research chains are prolonged.

Hyperspace Speed, Economics (population & resources) research chains were added.

Almost every planet type needs a research for colonization, nevertheless factions are able to colonize preferable planet types from the beginning.

Researches are more expensive.

There is a special high tech Doctrine which allows almost infinite advancement, but it is quite costly.

Distant Warfare

Subvertion and Virus doctrines allow you to cripple enemy economy distantly. The only way to resist is using Metropole doctrine.

Deep Space Overlords

There is a rear random event that spawns a powerful alien titan vessel on every colonized planet. So be prepared.


All Star Bases are movable. Only one Star Base per stellar gravity well allowed. Star Bases are able to slowly spread culture.

New transparent minimalistic User Interface.

Instead of Pirate Base planetary body type, here we have advanced Pirate Stronghold. Pirates are able to reach other stars.

Constructor Frigates are able to spawn Resource Extractors automatically (to reduce routine).

Resource market prices are higher and more volatile.

Advent Carrier deploys mines via ability.

No one can be friendly with pirates.

New visuals and ambient music.