The mod introduces more realistic universe and focuses on multistar maps & interstellar military companies. Expanded concepts & features bring especial excitement to multiplayer.

Custom maps introduce a lot of planet types which are based on scientific background.

We are very interested in your opinion and suggestions so please don't hesitate to share your ideas and attitude with us.

If you would like to use something from Stars in your project, you are welcome, just some credits would be nice ^..^

Hiding Phase Lines

As every planet within a stellar system is connected to each other, there is no need for putting much attention on planet connections. So it is recommended that you disable Phase Lines visualization in the User Interface menu.

You can instantly view Phase Lines by pressing "ALT" key.

Galaxy Forge Map Builder

The utility provides graphical UI for map building. It is located in the Stars/GalaxyForge folder. This article might be helpful.

How To Install

Unpack downloaded file using 7-Zip tool.

Delete previous version if present. Put unpacked Stars folder in YourUserName/Documents/My Games/Ironclad Games/Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion/CurrentGameVersion folder.

Then activate it from the Main Menu. Go to Options/Mods then select Stars and press Enable Mod.

This guide might be helpful.